Only those who have never shot with a sharp weapon, does not know what it feels like, and those who have tried, RETURNED to the shooting and still want more .. you need to get a gun he knew only from computer games ... not only to know, but to feel what it's like to pull the trigger-feel its movement, smell of gunpowder ... something you do not feel playing computer games ..

Do you want to learn how to shoot, to surprise others with the results, you surprise yourself? WELCOME to the shooting area, where you can try, as well as improve your skills under the supervision of qualified instructors, in this kind of shhoting like:


if you want to train shooting instructor.


if you want to improve your skills as a bodyguard.


if you want to see what it's like shooting the weapon known only from the movies

Or maybe you just want to feel the full magazine, to choose for themselves a target and pull again and again the trigger? All this and more can be found soooo much with us ... just arrange a shooting. You have your company ... you want to awaken in their employees a positive rivalry to simultaneously improve their cooperation ?? No problem - take them to the shooting range to surprise their effects, as well as himself ...


Our sports and recreation center organizes, among other things

  • Individual and group courses shooting
  • Shooting stag and hen parties
  • Shooting integration events
  • Super birthday shooting

Shoot with whatever you want

Have you ever wanted shoot with a gun?

Now you have the opportunity to realize his new passion checking your options at the shooting range under the supervision of qualified instructors both in shooting sports and combat.

We are here to provide unforgettable moments while learning to shoot, which will meet your expectations. We will teach you to shoot with weapons and combat sports world renowned manufacturers such as: GLOCK, BERETTA, Mossberg, Heckler & Koch, S & W, CZ and many others. With us you get a taste of the passion of shooting and check during training shooting with pistols, rifles, pistols, and rifles with smoothbore.

You do not need a firearms license .On a start ID card and a pair of gold with you in your wallet. Price depends on one shot and the caliber of the chosen weapon. Price for a shot varies from 2-to 5 zł zł. We organize training at a shooting range near Green Jelenia Gora under the supervision of qualified instructors.


Each started training is preceded by instruction of safety rules on the shooting range and use of firearms.

Any person before shooting checked a certified police breath alcohol content in the breath.

Any person firing before shooting is required to show proof of identity.

After the shooting will be able to take a picture with a weapon under the supervision of an instructor.

By prior arrangement, we offer catering for groups.

At the shooting range can shoot children only with legal guardian.

We employ instructors who speak English, German and Russian.

VAT invoices.